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The Weird Way Jimmy Kimmel Lost the Weight
Around that time we had Dr. Oz on the show, and we did a bit about my health and waistline. … With diet and exercise, there's no dipping my toe in the water — I'm all the way in. … Get the latest in gear, fitness, travel & more delivered directly …
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UAH fitness program JMI celebrates 11 year anniversary
"Everyone will be challenged to meet a fitness goal and a healthy behavior goal," Redding said. "We looked at exercise recommendations from several respected health organizations (American College of Sports Medicine, American Heart Association, …
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We all need at least two activities for optimal fitness
When it comes to exercise, we all benefit from having at least a second activity, if not more. I know many individuals whose sole exercise is playing golf; most of them ride in a cart. While golf qualifies as exercise, it's not an aerobic activity, nor …
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