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Educating public on health at local YMCA
More than 20 vendors were at the fair to give out their best health tips, including healthy eating and cooking demonstrations by Cornell Cooperative Extension. … Staff performed free BMI screening, blood pressure checks, fitness assessments and more.
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Why Obsessing About Eating Healthy Can Be a Bad Thing
How can the uptrend in health cause an eating disorder in men? While exercising and paying attention to the body's health is important, the revived “trend” of fitness can lead to fatal consequences if someone goes too far. Men in particular tend to …
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5 Warning Signs That You May Be Vitamin Deficient
Turns out that the breakout you just can't seem to shake might not be due to hormones or improper post-workout cleansing, but rather a diet-related vitamin deficiency. Ditto for the cramping and headaches. To demystify what … Biotin (vitamin B7) is …
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