Guest View: Medicare question is switch it or stick with it?

Guest View: Medicare question is switch it or stick with it?
In a nutshell, Original Medicare includes hospital insurance and medical insurance, and you may choose to add a Medicare Supplement plan – often called a Medigap plan – along with a stand-alone prescription drug plan. Medicare Supplement plans cover …
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Employers' on-site health clinics provide convenience and control costs
Last year, MillerCoors' clinic — next to its fitness center — had about 2,600 patient visits for primary care, 1,900 visits for physical therapy and 2,200 ancillary visits, such as getting a blood-pressure test. The clinic employs 10 people …
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Why Lake County employee health bonuses cost taxpayers 7373
Lake County is also spending nearly $ 9 million more a year on health insurance than DuPage County even though Lake County has about 530 fewer employees. DuPage doesn't offer … "People are being informed they have medical issues, and while we're …
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