5 totally legitimate ways people make money online News]

5 totally legitimate ways people make money online
Companies often give bloggers money to review and write about their specific brand or product, this way they get more exposure and bloggers can earn income by posting an article and giving their own opinion. Bloggers can make extra money by featuring …
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Pressing the red button with BA cost me more than £1000
… but nowhere on the website was I made aware of this. NZ, Sunnyvale, California. BA says a refund amount is not always stated when a booking is cancelled online because it may need to be “calculated manually”. … of the refund which, of course, you …
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The Customer-Service Quandary: Touchy Feely or Do It Yourself?
The measure of good customer service is straightforward: At the end of it, you want people to like you. This is only slightly … For many of these companies, the best way to save money on customer service is doing everything in their power to make …
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