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Digital age means more planning, online life is important too
Make an inventory of your digital life, including accounts for email, social media, blogging, gaming, and cloud storage. … Some of your accounts may involve money – either real-world or online currencies – and may require additional attention. Don't …
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Keep It Simple at TEDxIndianapolis
Tickets are sold out, but the speakers will appear on a free online live stream at from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. In her talk, Malloy will share her journey to a minimalist lifestyle, as well as tools on how everyone can …
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Crazy or Brilliant? Commuting From Las Vegas to San Francisco to Save Rent
Add in a reduced cost of living, estimated at $ 409 a month, and yourslice settles on a monthly savings of $ 1,124—or nearly $ 13,500 more a year to waste in online sports fantasy games spend as you wish. But your happiness is important to … Reddit …
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What Does Software Engineering Involve?

The first point that has to be made about software engineering has to do with …

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