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Coffee reveals itself as an unlikely elixir
Caffeine binds to the adenosine receptors and interrupts the signaling process so that collagen isn't mass-produced. Caffeine tamps down collagen overproduction in a second way. It hits the enzyme alanine … The liver cancer finding “is likely to be …
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CAR: Providing Medical Assistance to Displaced People in Carnot
Home to Harouna is a mat on the church floor and, on Sundays, she gathers up her belongings to make room for parishioners attending mass. When baby Mariam was about to be born, MSF referred Harouna to Carnot Hospital so that she could give birth …
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Texas toddler diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
Her weight and her body mass put her in the top five percentile for kids her age. The lead doctor … “The only thing you can really change is your environment, and the factors that you can modify involve behavior, and that has to do with exercise and …
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