Meet a Health Hero: Emily Kramer-Golinkoff News]

Meet a Health Hero: Emily Kramer-Golinkoff
“Healthy” is a funny term, but my biggest motivations for working my hardest to stay as healthy as possible — even in the face of an advanced and progressing fatal illness — are my family and friends, this burning desire to do more things and see …
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Fitness or weight loss: Which is better?
Fitness results in healthy respiratory and circulatory systems. Overall fitness gives you healthy skin, alertness and a healthy system. While weight loss may be bad for your health and respiratory system, regular exercise and a healthy diet aids the …
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Saving Money on Life Insurance Through Fitness
Because life insurance didn't pay off, by its very nature, until the expiration of the person who started the policy, life insurance, at the very least, didn't seem to favor those who maintained good standards of physical health. If anything, healthy …
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