Randomized trials are no panacea for what ails nutrition research

Randomized trials are no panacea for what ails nutrition research
But high-quality RCTs are rare, especially in the field of diet and nutrition; often we're presented with data from lesser-quality RCTs that are subject to critical weaknesses and limitations — just like those observational studies the media are …
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Daily Nutrition Bar May Boost Health When Diet And Exercise Aren't Enough
Burning and cutting calories through diet and exercise can turn into a struggle of trial-and-error, especially when you don't get the desired results. Researchers at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute conducted a series of experiments in …
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The five-colour nutritional labelling system is the most effective for consumers
Several studies have already contributed to the validation of the FSA score, by showing that the nutritional quality of foods consumed evaluated by the FSA score is linked to the overall quality of the diet and nutritional status of individuals, and in …
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