Now make online payments for multiple merchants using OLA Money

Now make online payments for multiple merchants using OLA Money
Taxi hailing app, Ola today said it will allow 20 million users to use balance of its mobile wallet 'Ola Money' to make online payments across select merchants like Oyo Rooms. This move will allow Ola users, who maintain a significant balance in their …
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HSBC system failure leaves thousands facing bank holiday without pay
“I now don't have this money and neither does my fiance. This is our dream venue and has a lot of sentimental value as it is where we went on our first date.” She said that she is also due to make the first payment on her wedding dress on Tuesday.
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Consumer Anxiety in China Undermines Government's Economic Plans
“I try to spend less,” she said, adding that she now buys cheaper clothes online instead of shopping in high-end malls. “And I started car-pooling with co-workers to save on … Those who have lost money in the ongoing stock market crash are especially …
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