4 Tips to Save Big on College Textbooks

4 Tips to Save Big on College Textbooks
With a fresh crop of college classes comes another round of wallet-crushing textbook shopping. The high price of the textbooks is news to no one. For years, students and parents have been shocked by their price tags, with a single book for one course …
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While Many Panicked, Japanese Day Trader Made Million
While a lot of investors were hitting the panic button Monday, a Japanese day trader who'd made a big bet against the market timed the bottom almost perfectly and narrated a play-by-play of the trade to his 40,000 Twitter followers. He claims to … To …
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12 Ways Homeowners Can Avoid Home Improvement Rip-Offs
"You should definitely research the company you're getting ready to do business with," says H. Dale Contant, president-elect of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and president of Atlanta Design & Build. "Make sure that the company is …
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