Village for Kids previews main celebration at Renzie Park

Village for Kids previews main celebration at Renzie Park
… for Kids, Sommer Rainey, 5, of McKeesport takes her pencil prizes from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank booth as other children, including Chloe Axon, 5, of Elizabeth Township, wait their turns to answer questions about food and nutrition.
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Boost Back To School Success with These Breakfast Tips
A daily breakfast leads to not only better overall nutrition, but better school performance as well. A simple breakfast at home or school can ensure that your child doesn't start the day hungry. It also ensures that your child has the nutrients and …
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Back to school lunch food ideas your kids will actually eat
Or melt cheese on a bagel and pack with a mini container of spaghetti sauce for dipping. Kids love dips. Combine plain yogurt or sour cream with salsa, use hummus or boost the nutrition of ranch dip by mixing in some pureed white beans for added protein.

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