Summer break is a nutrition void for kids News]

Summer break is a nutrition void for kids
Summer is a tricky time for needy families because children miss out on built-in breakfast and lunch programs provided at their schools. People To People, Rockland's primary hunger relief organization, tries to meet the need by offering families with …
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Kids of even elite schools not getting proper nutrition
"As part of the project, we had studied the nutritional status of 6,472 students of which 58% were boys and 42% girls. Of the total students, 10% were undernourished, 9% were overweight while 81% were found normal when measured by BMI for age using the …
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Massachusetts nutrition law has lowered access to unhealthy foods in schools
As of July 2014, all U.S. schools participating in federally subsidized meals programs were required to begin meeting "Smart Snacks in Schools" rules adopted under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The standards related to competitive foods …

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