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'Where are my fries?' Navy not all happy with more nutritious menu
In 2014, the Navy Nutrition Program teamed up with the DoD Combat Feeding Research and Development Center and the Culinary Institute of America “to improve and create 50 new recipes and replace some of the decades old Armed Forces Recipe Service Cards …
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We Didn't Build This City On Rock 'N' Roll. It Was Yogurt
Human figured out that their meat was tasty, but both sheep and goats were primarily kept for their highly nutritious milk (and their wool). Cows didn't show up as domesticated species until around the 4th millennium BC. There was just one problem with …
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Neonicotinoids And The Beepocalypse That Never Was
One global science group after another has came out with statements that GM foods are as safe or safer than organic and conventional foods. The science eventually won the … Over the past two winters, the perceived crisis has sharply receded as bee …
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