Stanford quartet takes the next step with SomaSole

Stanford quartet takes the next step with SomaSole
Imagine, hypothetically, that you're a business traveler, and you're just trying to stick to your regular workout regimen, even when you're on your business trips. But what if the gym at your Days Inn in the middle of nowhere is just terrible and doesn …
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Dad Makes Room for Kids in His Backyard Workout
Not working out during the winter and spring in Alaska, plus an indulgent diet led to 40 extra pounds on his 6-foot-3 frame. “It happened gradually. … He hasn't missed a workout since. “CrossFit really motivated me to challenge myself through fitness …
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America's Punk Fashion Queen
“It's like getting—in my old fashion way of thinking—a Good Housekeeping 'stamp of approval,'” Johnson told The Daily Beast in an interview before Monday night's event. “And this really give me the seal of approval from the CFDA and the respect from …
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