Quinn on Nutrition: No one best diet for diabetes patients, just 'patterns' of

Quinn on Nutrition: No one best diet for diabetes patients, just 'patterns' of
What's the best diet for people with diabetes? It's not an easy one-size-fits all, we were told at the scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association in Boston recently. In fact, many of the experts at this meeting said the answer may not be …
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Proposed New Dietary Guidelines upset Republicans who Assert Focus on
The proposed dietary guidelines have thus been opposed tooth and nail by the Congressional Republicans who question the legitimacy of issuing guidelines that focus more on environment rather than nutrition. The report issued by the Dietary Guidelines …
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Can Mental Illness Be Cured By Diet? Nutritional Psychiatry Steps Into The
Yet, many people are not aware that mental disorders also may require special diets. In a new article, the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research encourages the recognition of diet and nutrition as central determinants for both …
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