3 easy rules for eating seafood

3 easy rules for eating seafood
And the most sustainable farmed fish are filter feeders (like oysters and mussels), which don't require feed because they strain their nutrition out of the water. One of the great problems of fish farming is that it requires wild fish as feed; and …
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Fishmeal has shifted from being a bulk commodity traded on price to a
Fishmeal's transition from a bulk commodity traded on price to a high quality and high value product has been occurring for some time, with leading fishmeal producers investing heavily in technology and packaging to add value to the animal nutrition …
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Dissolving Sea Stars Reveal a Damaged Ocean
Mussels and gooseneck barnacles fasten to exposed rocks that shelter the apex predators: ochre sea stars (Pisaster ochraceus). But something is wrong. White spots spread across the stars' disintegrating arms, and instead of regrowing the damaged …
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