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China's dual-economy poses major challenge for future development
In traditional neoclassical growth theory, much attention has been given to the accumulation of physical and financial capital. In the endogenous growth models, more attention has been given to ideas, knowledge and institutions, while physical capital …
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California drought will cost agriculture sector .8bn this year, study finds
Dwindling bodies of surface water – a term used to refer to waters above the ground, like streams and lakes – lead farmers to turn to groundwater pumping, using water found below the ground. When farmers have no access to groundwater or do not have the …
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The Role of Minerals in Your Diet
If this type of imbalance is not corrected, a chain reaction of imbalances can begin that may lead to disease or illness. Nutritionally … in the body. Trace or microminerals, on the other hand, are those minerals that are required only in minute …
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