What Junk Food Does to Your Gut Health

What Junk Food Does to Your Gut Health
Binging on fast food could be one of the most effective ways to kill off the gut bacteria that keep you fit, healthy, and happy: Last week, epidemiologist Tim Spector wrote about the devastating effects of processed food on the microbiome in The …
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Stephanie's 145-Pound Weight Loss: 'Avoid All of the Crazy Diets — Period'
While I was pumping milk for a few months for my baby, I really concentrated on changing my diet. I even followed the Weight Watchers plan for nursing women for a while. Using a food scale was (and still is) the greatest help. From August 2011 to …
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How My Weight Loss Goal Spiraled Out of Control
… healthy turned into being anorexic. Morning and night, I browsed health and fitness articles, studying what science said my body needed to function and to lose weight. I drank at least eight glasses of water and ate at least four times a day. In my …
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