Organic Egg Farm Interview, Free Range Chickens, & Ethical Animal Treatment Vital Farms

Organic Egg Farm Interview, Free Range Chickens, & Ethical Animal Treatment Vital Farms What the difference between how conventional farms care for their chickens to produce eggs and how…

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25 Responses to Organic Egg Farm Interview, Free Range Chickens, & Ethical Animal Treatment Vital Farms

  1. Ghalyah Ghalyah says:

    Thank you..

  2. chiyerano says:

    @chiyerano Especially if the eggs were unfertilized and so were unlikely to
    hatch into any new chickens.

  3. James Chuaycham says:

    Nice vid. Can I do this on a smaller scale as a start for organic eggs for
    family and for sale? What breeds should I get and how many of them to

  4. Tom Last says:

    Personally, I’d like to know where she gets her information. Producers do
    not feed their birds the “cheapest” feed they can find. It is recommended
    that they are given specific nutrients they need at a certain age. For
    example, pullet grower diets should contain a minimum of 3% fiber. Body
    weight & frame development during the first 7-9 weeks of life will respond
    to higher levels of protein in the diet. After that, more adjustments will
    need to be made. So… no, it’s about finding what’s cheap.

  5. chiyerano says:

    @visualkeirockstar I thought they do it to fatten up the chickens faster to
    sell on the market.

  6. Lauren Love says:

    They look happy ! that’s what counts! =)

  7. CGM5 says:

    Great info. I never about some of those things she mentioned.

  8. Angixxo says:

    @HajiKill2012.. Clearly you have no regard for the chickens if you think
    the caged ones are treated well. Look at their feet from having to stand on
    wire caging all day/night! De-beaking them? This is humane? Really?? Why
    don’t we de-beak you and let you live like that for a month… Then you can
    tell us what you think about it! People like you disgust me!

  9. May Suen says:

    Support Organic Farmers and humane farming of animals by buying organic
    products and talking about commercialized farming to your family and
    friends. Its all about educating people and getting them to realize that
    you are what you eat. We get sick all the time because our food is poisoned
    and the animals are sick. If you caught a fish and it had sores and
    infection all over it would you still eat it? It is the same with
    commercial farming. The animals are sick and the govt should make a change.

  10. C@ptain_Jack says:

    @chiyerano And these chickens grow like they are supposed so that their
    legs can keep up with their growth. With growth hormones, many chickens’
    legs give out and these chickens end up dying in their own feces and
    contaminating the rest of the chickens. Simply put, you cannot obtain good
    health from sick animals.

  11. patricblack1 says:

    Hands down one of the best videos.

  12. chiyerano says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. This may actually make me want to eat
    some eggs again. No more chicken for me though.

  13. knoxclark says:

    @benvolio15 nah the are all commercial crosses, sold under “red star” or
    “golden comet”

  14. Tom Last says:

    Second, not all producers load the feed with antibiotics. It is necessary
    for them to be, as you claim in the video, “hygenic.” However, whenever
    that happens, the chicken uses the substances & chemicals provided, so it’s
    a slippery slope to say that whatever is fed to the chickens will show up
    when you crack the egg. As far as the chemically drenched pastures, well…
    that’s just preposterous. Even if the grass is contaminated, then keep them
    in the cages and there won’t be a problem!

  15. patricblack1 says:

    I keep watching this video.

  16. carmen burns says:

    Great video!!!!!

  17. dumb7890 says:

    when you said onion creek I thought that must be Austin .

  18. 77guy777 says:

    Well done!

  19. N89J00X says:

    I love happy chickens. They’re cute when they’re happy.

  20. Demetria Laousis says:

    What do you do with all the male chicks that are hatched? You forgot to
    mention this. They are killed at birth… There is no such thing as
    “humane” animal farming. Organic/humane farming is just a very clever
    marketing ploy.

  21. Johnny Hernandez says:

    ATX SON!

  22. Venom Dragon says:

    Chickens deserve this kind of life not sitting in their own poop.

  23. David Matthews says:

    Love it! Millions of times better than existing factory farms.

  24. TheNewport2009 says:

    thanks for the info. Yeah those chickens sure do love that wild arugula.

  25. juan jara says:

    Shut the fuck up bitch I’ll eat what ever I want