Parachute Games With DVD – 2nd Edition

Parachute Games With DVD – 2nd Edition

Parachute Games With DVD - 2nd Edition

  • Perfect Guide to Activites with Parachutes
  • Games are divided by childrens activity level
  • 59 Games included – most are included on the DVD
  • Includes sections on choosing the right parachute and activity planning
  • Paperback with 160 pages

Through Parachute Games With DVD, Second Edition, you can-lead 59 parachute activities; -adapt the activities to a myriad of game settings and participant needs; -use the DVD to preview select activities or to show participants how much fun they will have with a parachute; and -offer games that enhance fitness as well as social, motor, and other skills. The best-selling Parachute Games is now revised, extended, and packaged with a DVD you can use to preview selected activities before leading

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Price: $ 19.90

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