Can Foods Make Us Sick? Nutrition, Chronic Disease, Healthy Diet, Medicine, Natural Food Info

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25 Responses to Can Foods Make Us Sick? Nutrition, Chronic Disease, Healthy Diet, Medicine, Natural Food Info

  1. TheSharkman74 says:

    Thank you sir! And mlss

  2. faqu529 says:


  3. Liz Torres says:

    Yeah, it takes experimenting and painstaking learning. For example, you
    could eat many oranges, apples and pears and you will feel fine. BUT if you
    BLEND them, you will feel like crap. Because you pulverized the fiber. If
    you add yougurt to your smoothie and your lactose intolerant, you will feel
    even worse. That greek yougurt stuff has a LOT of milk protein. I get
    diahrrea even just eating a little bit. Cheese does me the same thing.

  4. crazyleg2006 says:

    He does make a good point.

  5. faqu529 says:


  6. Liz Torres says:

    omg it MATTERS

  7. 1CBRDUDE says:

    Doctors work for pharma wake up the know nothing about food or nutrition

  8. OhLethargie says:

    My girlfriend is 22 and got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerose today. We’re
    gonna follow regular medical procedures but I’ve been reading about diets
    by McDougall and Swank. I also know a defiency of vitamin D is related and
    suggested both to the doctors. They were spectical on both, but they said
    it wouldn’t harm in trying. Do you have any information for this or could
    it be discussed in a similair interview? Thanks in advance!

  9. beckderm says:

    This channel is for adult minds. Please go play your games outside.

  10. Joseph1NJ says:

    The macroeconomics of eating healthy is a real challenge for so many in the
    US. You can feed a family of 4 for 20 bucks at a fast food restaurant.
    Also, accessibility. If you look at some of the most population dense low
    income urban areas, not only won’t you find organic foods, but little fresh
    produce at all. There’s no financial incentive for large supermarkets to
    even open stores in these areas. We can’t separate good nutrition from
    economics, the challenges go hand and hand.

  11. Joseph1NJ says:

    “No fan of Obamacare… but they paid…” Ok, then send your money back to
    the federal government, there are many that can use it. Just sayin’!

  12. muttr says:

    She’s hot

  13. OnlyHempFuture says:

    Junk food is called junk food for a reason it is because it is Junk for
    your body.. therefore Junk = Rubbish.

  14. Chikarishu says:

    It’s not that the doctor doesn’t know, he is just preaching for his
    business, if the doctor is going to talk you into health food, he is
    talking himself out of business. Doctors are working like salespeople ,
    they need you to earn their money, so much for the doctors code of , do no
    harm, geuss if it is for their own wallet and they do not feel like they
    have actually killed someone by not talking them into healthy food, they
    feel like they did “no harm” …

  15. Mikah X says:

    I am no fan of Obambi care BTW. Just Sayin.

  16. batfly says:

    Read nourishing traditions by Sally Fallon… It’s a great nutritional
    resource / cookbook with amazing recipes. Most likely you feel worse
    because your brain has become addicted to the sugar spikes you get with
    processed foods. There are great foods such as butter and bacon (natural
    without the nitrates) and liver and kidneys high in fat and other goodies
    that will boost your brain function. Stay away from bread and pasta. Eat
    raw or barley cooked veggies and more internal organs.

  17. TheSharkman74 says:


  18. Liz Torres says:

    To test foods I sometimes fast from night to 2pm the next day and then eat
    whatever food im trying to test. Isolated is better, but you can design
    your own experiments. See how you feel. Preparation and amount also affect
    outcome. hope that helps 😉

  19. chocolategirl1974 says:

    Great information “you know” ( I think corrina may have a slight crush on
    dr vince ( I don’t blame her)). It’s always strange to me people can’t
    seemed see what they eat will determine the type of health they have. Our
    bodies are literally made from the building blocks we give it. I agree
    people should take their health in their own hands, don’t out source you
    health care to others, because only you know how you feel and what is

  20. Healthy Gifts in a Basket says:

    With most food choices it comes down to immediate gratification vs. long
    term health. A healthy diet requires planning, and ongoing motivation.
    Doctors should play a role in reinforcing good nutrition and healthy eating

  21. iRotiz says:

    I know first hand Nutrition matters, I don’t need a Big Pharma paid Doctor
    telling me otherwise.

  22. Lee Johnson says:

    Natural food, Organically Grown Food, is Best for health, by far. Shop
    grocery stores that sell Natural Food. Genetically Modified Foods suck.
    Buy Fresh Veggies and cook them at home, for the most Tasty Food. Seventh
    Day Adventist are Vegitarians and they Exercise, and cultivate a Good
    State of mind, and, they get plenty of Rest, so Seventh Day Adventist live
    10 years longer than non Seventh Day Adventist. Think about it.

  23. PetitePulcet says:

    I think that nutrition is very important … we are what we eat, and more
    and more often we complain about the quality of our life and our health,
    but we do not realize that most of our problems begins when we sit to eat
    … thanks for this video! Greatings from Italy!

  24. Daniel Cohen says:

    nutrition is very important it can be the difference of life or death it
    start with things like choosing fruits and vegetables over refined
    crackers pretzels chips and high sugar candies cakes cookies and ice

  25. Appalachian Stillhunter says:

    Well of course it makes a difference! It’s just common sense.