State medical Insurance question?!?! NEED ANSWER?

Question by momof2: State medical Insurance question?!?! NEED ANSWER?
I am recertifying for FHP through NYS. However, I already sent in my application and it’s going through, but we recently receive papers from My DH’s work saying he now qualifys for Health insurance. We do qualify for Health insurance through the state, so my question is.
Can we turn down his Health insurance from work because it is no cost to use to get the insurance through the state and that we qualify through the state? Can they make us take his employers plan?
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We are low income, and on food stamps. I am disabled and do not work. We have two children under 3.
signing up for his insuance would take out about $ 400 a month from his already low paychecks that we need to make it from week to week.
State insurance that we qualify for makes things alot easier. At least we are a family that uses it for what it’s needed for and do not have to lie about our circumstances to get it. We put everything out on the table and still qualify. Thats why we will take the insurance that taxpayers pay for.
I was simply wondering if they could make us take his employers insurance if we are not signed up for it.
Thanks for being nasty Anna E. Misery loves company, but your not going to bring me down. Go answer more questions…. or maybe better yet… find a job so your not sitting on the computer answer yahooanswers 24-7!

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2 Responses to State medical Insurance question?!?! NEED ANSWER?

  1. rz n says:

    Some US states provide health benefits at the lowest cost or no cost to its residents who have very low income or no income at all (depending on the qualifications). They usually check and see if you’re still within that criteria. If they determine that you’re earning enough to take your employer’s insurance, they will disqualify you from continuing coverage through state health plan.

  2. Anna E says:

    Many state now have regulations in place that if you have affordable insurance available that you have to get the insurance instead of medicaid benefits. Why would you want to turn down insurance you don’t have to pay for to get insurance through the state that the taxpayers do have to pay for.