When a Sweatshirt Isn't the Answer

When a Sweatshirt Isn't the Answer
She lives in a wonderful place in Richmond, Va., called The Virginia Home, and this story happened when she was home at my house this past Thanksgiving. She has seizures often so I keep a monitor on during the night so I can hear her. Early one morning …
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Recordings outline Smith's thoughts after killings
He spoke in a near-whisper and repeated several phrases that were picked up by a digital audio recorder that he had been running in a nearby bookcase. Smith later told investigators that he had activated the recorder Thanksgiving Day so he would have …
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Berkeley homeless volunteer redefines good samaritanism
JC peppers his conversation with phrases like “We see the face of Christ in everyone in the soup line.” Night on …. JC runs the Emergency Storm Shelter, which opens up for 65 homeless on especially cold and wet nights between Thanksgiving and Easter.
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