Can Someone please Help me find facts about Colombia’s Health care.?

Question by Overlander22: Can Someone please Help me find facts about Colombia’s Health care.?
I am Working on a project. My role today is to find out about Colombia’s Health care plans and issues, Even facts.
I basically want to find out if They have Universal Health care. And Other cool things about there hospitals and doctors or patients.

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Answer by Santiago
There are some health care private insurance companies that are really good such as Colsanitas, but you have to pay for them and it’s expensive.

But there are also some other companies called EPS, by law all the employers have to subscribe all of his employees and their families. They are pretty good and have a good coverage, the main problem of them is that u can’t pick ur own doctor, they assign u one and sometimes they are full of people so u gotta wait a long time to be attended.

And if u r unemployed there is also something called SISBEN, the government assign you an EPS.

Some hospitals and medical centers are private own by the private insurance companies, others are public of the EPS and the government.

EPS stands for Empresa Publica de Salud=publicHealth Care Company

Doctors are really good, and hospitals have good quality equipments.

And there are also some good government programs, for example in Bogota there are free shots for child diseases, and illnes prevention programs.

The good thing about Colombia is that the LAW is pretty clear and good and guarantee all the rights for the people, so when the insurance companies fail u win for sure with a legal action.

Finally it’s kind of good i would say better than in the USA, but is not thanks to the actual goverment who haven’t done a thing about it.

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  1. southhotspicie says:

    the health come in 2 branches public and private .
    The first thing you need to know about Colombia health insurance is the workers are insurance by the company for who they work, the company pays the 66.6 percent and the 33.3 come from you pay check if you are a regular employee, if you are a contractor you will pay in full for you own insurance and it will mandatory to you be allowed to work in the company.

    if you are self employee you paid you own ,and if you are jobless you need to paid you own insurance or pay from you packed any medical expense.

    since the level of life in Colombia is classified by the social class being 6 the high and 1 the lower ,according with the level of income you get you be in a social class.

    for public health the government help to those who not have income or the level is class 1,2,3,4 with a copay in the service by assisting them called SISBEN. very much cover any medical service from regular doctor consultation until complicate surgery.
    This sistem assign to you the doctor or specialist , very much the sistem was create to help to the majority of people in Colombia what is class 1,2,3,4.

    By you working with any company or be self worker even if you are not working you can quote as a independent with minimal income you have to choose an EPS what is a company health who provide the service for you if you are begging in payments you will NOT receive assistance in the Hospital or clinic.
    you can choose you own EPS.

    the second part is the 401k or pension system: you choose to quote or not to pension if you work is self employer or you are jobless,you will be accepted as soon you pay monthly ,the money will be receiving a pension after 65 years old,but it will be mandatory
    if you are employee for a company also they cover part of this payment, but amount quote as income have to be similar for each one EPS and PENSION, if you are self employee same but also you can choose not quote for pension, if you are jobless also you can quote more income paying more a month but you will be receiving more when you be allowed to collect the pension.
    the system is based in a table or comparing years of payments VS income that equals to a amount of pension.
    you can also pick you money in early retirement with a penalty amount and in other cases you time or quoting is not enough to receiving pension , so you received total of money with a interest pay.

    The third part is the ARP(administration of Professional risk) what is the insurance risk for people who work in risk position also mandatory for contractors, basic pay you amount of money in case of loss part of you Body in accident work relative,and the employer has not any obligation with the injured of allowed a room for a law procedure.

    The health system use to be administrate by the government until 1990 under the SEGURO SOCIAL = to social insurance but due the corruption the system basic collapse and give origen to the EPS,ARP and the FONDO DE PENSIONES(401k)