Q&A: Do you rent your house? Answer my question please?

Q&A: Do you rent your house? Answer my question please?

Question by I’M BACK!!!!: Do you rent your house? Answer my question please?
I have lived in apartments for a long time now and I am just tired of it. I want a washer and dryer so we are thinking about renting a house. Nothing huge. Just a regular 2 bedroom with a yard for the kids. My question is besides the rent. What utilities do you pay and how much approx are your utilities each month? I just need to get a range because in apartments most utilities are paid.

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Answer by Captain Tenneal
It would help if you say where you live since utilities are different in different parts of the country.

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  • When you rent a house you usually pay all your own utilities. That includes: water, sewer, power, garbage, cable, and phone. Some also have gas.

    We cannot give you a range on cost because every area is different and every house is different. When you find a place you like you can call the providers and get an average for that address.

  • When you rent a house, you are typically responsible for all utilities. Apartments will often pay for water, sewer and trash pickup. At my house in Texas, they run about $ 100 per month.

    The gas bill and electric bill will vary depending on the square footage of the home and how often you run your A/C or heater. My apartment electric bill was around $ 100 per month, and my house electric bill is around $ 400 per month. But, the apartment was a one bedroom, one bathroom. Our house is 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, and 2 bathrooms.

    If you are looking into 2 bedrooms, you may want to consider a duplex. Our duplex that we rented felt very much like a home. We had a backyard, washer and dryer hookups, and a large living space. The rent was several hundred less, and so was the electricity. The water was about the same wherever we went.

    Good Luck!