French days/special dates?

Question by thelesmiserablesgirl.: French days/special dates?
For homework we are supposed to write on what days each event occurs, but I need help transalating these! What do each of these translate to in English?

1. hier
2. demain
3. de Paques (With a l’accent circonflexe over the “a”)
4. du jour de l’an
5. de l’action de grace (Circonflexe over the “a”. I’m guessing this is Thanksgiving, but not sure??)


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Answer by Lady Alyk

Best site ever, plus those are truthfully really easy. Also wrong section.

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2 Responses to French days/special dates?

  1. Chipilina says:

    1. Yesterday
    2. Tomorrow
    3. Easter
    4. New Year’s
    5. Thanksgiving

    Bonne chance!

  2. Bill B says:

    go to

    That should help. I use it for spanish all the time, but you can change the language.