The Wampanoag Indians and Thanksgiving

How an American tradition was tainted by it’s genocidal legacy.
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16 Responses to The Wampanoag Indians and Thanksgiving

  1. Raquelita Leyva says:

    Where is ir

  2. leondebout says:

    I really enjoyed the tour. Three of my grandchildren are part Choctaw
    Apache from Louisiana and are learning about their heritage. My wife and I
    are from New England and went to Plimoth Plantation on our honeymoon in
    1979, but didn’t see this homesite. Is it newer?

  3. NexusUnizirus says:


  4. Raquelita Leyva says:

    Where is it?

  5. lovemeg5186 says:

    Thank you very much for giving the tour! 🙂

  6. pplantation says:

    no problem you should go to my Blog “AS THE WETU TURNS

  7. lovemeg5186 says:

    I have actualy read some of your blogs. 🙂 They always hold my interest.
    Keep them going!

  8. rickster326 says:

    what starts with a z in the wampanog thats important because i am doing an
    abc project and want to know thanks.

  9. LittleFarmer14 says:

    just a tip, try to move a little sower. Nice job though.

  10. electricfemale says:

    Very cool, thank you.

  11. Clearly69 says:

    Really cool.

  12. Marcus Stevenson says:

    Cool tour! Thnx :)

  13. Elijah Harmon says:
  14. Chanel Mcclurkin says:

    Thanks that was sad but beautiful. What they did to my people was barbaric.
    whats even worse is after all that we still are fighting for our land. We
    had to fight to build a casino on our own land! Awful

  15. Col Klink says:

    Spain who took all of the New World in 1493. The Pilgrim British took the
    east coast from Spain, and were welcomed by the natives.