Frugal Mom/ Coupon Mom Tips?

Question by Faith: Frugal Mom/ Coupon Mom Tips?
We have 8 people in our home, and another baby due in February. our grocery bill is about $ 1400 a MONTH. This is ridiculous, and we never have any money left after groceries & bills… I need to start saving. Where can I get printable coupons (mostly grocery), and what are some tips I can use to reduce my grocery spending? PLEASE HELP!!! I need serious answers only, and PLEASE no bogus websites

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Answer by ‘sup
I’m going to tell you what I do:
1) First you need to get on the computer and start making a list of what everything costs and how many of things you buy a month (example: how many gallons of milk you buy) It is hard to make a budget and find coupons if you don’t know everything you are buying (including brand names) and how much your goal is to save.
2) Open up another e-mail address that is specifically used for couponing. You will get a lot of spam mail and it will fill up your in box.
3) Start by going on each brand name you buy individual websites. A lot of times they have their own “coupon mail list” for e-mails AND have printable coupons only found on their sites. Also, sign up for Facebook because again, they will give out coupons to Facebook users who “like” them only found on Facebook.
4) Type in coupons in google and you will find a ton of sites pick one and start printing! Really easy to do, lol You can also sign up for e-mail alerts for certain coupons.
5) Collect the paper and the money saver, clip coupons by hand. Ask your neighbor for his/her paper also.
6) The most important thing: Learn your stores coupon policies. Each store is different. You need to find out the following: Do they accept competitor coupons? Expired coupons? Do they stack (manufacturer AND store coupon at the same time and if they do are there restrictions?)

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3 Responses to Frugal Mom/ Coupon Mom Tips?

  1. Daca says:

    I see that you have some great answers about coupons.
    I have one article on this How to cut grocery bills topic, and I strongly hope it can help. Check out that part with Calculate with packages, and Quality and Price, you can save a lot of money if you follow those tips. Let me know was the article useful for you too.

  2. Roddy says:

    For that kind of money you need more than just coupons.

    Plan your meals properly. Buy things that will feed lots of people at once. 2 pounds of Navy or Great Northern beans, a cheap pack of bacon and a bottle of liquid smoke will make a nice large pot of beans that tastes great and is good for you. Add a couple boxes of cheap cornbread and you have a whole meal with possible leftovers.

    The bag of beans that costs $ 3 is the same bag of beans that costs $ 1. Probably even came from the same farmers field. It pays to shop around. Look for discount stores where you live like Save A Lot. Coupons can be a great thing but they are not always the answer and name brand items aren’t always the best. Lets face it, a can of green beans is a can of green beans.

    Look for price breaks on bulk meats. We often buy a whole pork tenderloin and cut it up ourselves. I looked at a pack of beefstew meat the other day. It was $ 4.50+ per pound. Buying a whole bulk roast was $ 3.99 a pound. You will often see ten pound bags of chicken leg quarters cheap. Buy them and take them home. Put them in a big pot and boil them down. The meat comes off the bone easily with a couple of forks. It can then be frozen and used in soups, stews, chicken & dumplings, etc. Much cheaper than buying boneless skinless chicken breasts. We pay an average of $ 5 for ten pounds. That’s only 50 cents a pound.

    Don’t overlook turkey. It’s not just for thanksgiving. When you can find it for under a buck a pound grab it. You don’t have to serve it the old fashion way. Turkey salad is great anytime and a whole turkey makes a LOT.

    If you do not have a chest freezer I suggest you get one. Buying and cooking in bulk can mean lots of leftovers. Don’t waste it. I’ve gotten two chest freezers off Craigslist for free in their free section. One looks rather crappy with dents but both work great. Both are packed full.

    There are four of us and we spend an average of around $ 230 a month. Even doubling that will be much better than what you are paying now. Always have a grocery list before you go and stick to it. If it’s not on the list then you don’t need it. Don’t take others grocery shopping with you. They will want things they see that aren’t on the list.

  3. Tami Nelson says:

    My husband’s salary has been cut over 12% in the last year and I’m currently unemployed. I’ve started teaching coupon classes and doing serious couponing to make up for the difference. We’ve gotten our grocery bill down to about 1/2 of what it was and that was with us making everything from scratch and buying it all in bulk. It does take time, but there are ways to get it done in less time. Remember time=money, so the more time you spend, the more money you save. Maybe you can enlist the older kids for some help too. I don’t know where you live, but we’re in the sticks here, it’s a little tougher in some ways to save money outside of the big city, but easier in some others. I started a blog and later this month, should have a full fledged website up and running for helping others save time and money. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

    To get coupons off the internet, you pretty much have to download the program, but as long as you’re using trust worthy sites, it’s really not an issue. Don’t download toolbars or pay for them. You might have to give them some information for their demographic tracking, but what information you give them is up to you. I give them my correct name and address and that’s about it. Everything else is made up, but I do have standard answers I use because sometimes you need to know what you told them.
    and store and manufacturer websites

    Coupons can save you money if you pay attention, keep a budget, and store things properly. Here’s an example I use when I teach…

    There’s a BOGO sale on Kraft BBQ sauce for $ 2.49 and Country Time Lemonade mix is BOGO for $ 4.19. Chicken is on sale for $ 1.19/lb.
    You have 1 coupon for $ 1 off 2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce. There are coupons on the bottles for $ 2 off one Country Time Lemonade mix. There is a tear pad for $ 2 off meat when you buy 1 bottle of kraft BBQ sauce and 2 other items on the list (Country Time is on the list).

    You buy 2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce with the peelie coupons on them for $ 2.49 – $ 1 = $ 1.49
    You buy 2 canisters of Country Time Lemonade for $ 4.19 – $ 2 – $ 2 = 19 cents
    You buy 4 lbs of chicken (a typical size) for $ 4.76 – $ 2 = $ 2.76
    You spent $ 4.44.
    If you had only purchased the chicken on sale, you would have spent $ 4.76, that’s $ 0.32 more than you would have spent without coupons and now you have the BBQ sauce and Lemonade to go with it basically for free.
    Maybe you don’t like Kraft BBQ sauce, maybe you don’t drink lemonade, even if that’s the case, you’d still be better off to buy them and possibly donate them to someone who does and take home your cheap chicken.