Mariah Carey Named #2 Greatest Female Artist VH1

Mariah Carey named number 2 on the list of top 100 greatest female singers of the past 20 years. Beyonce was 3rd on the list whilst Madonna was named the bes…

Web: Mariah Carey performing in Morocco ”Can’t Take That Away” [NEW] Mariah Carey performing in Morocco ”Can’t Take That Awa…

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50 Responses to Mariah Carey Named #2 Greatest Female Artist VH1

  1. David Williams says:

    go mimi!

  2. vinselvin says:

    people are so superficial when you’re beautiful and can do incredible
    things, you are the apple of their eyes. once we see their imperfections,
    how dare we give disrespectful comments and forget what she contributed to
    the music industry. young ones, please know that’s not what you want your
    future kids to be like. that’s horrible. mariah will always be a star, even
    when time comes she no longer can sing.

  3. malanda briggs says:

    i feel bad for her they didnt show her any love

  4. LittleBalladeer says:

    She blatantly lip-syncs now. Before, it was slightly unnoticeable. 4:10 was

  5. MrFumseck says:

    It’s playback at 3:19 and 4:08 !! I love Mariah but she don’t make the
    effort to do as high as possible !! :'(

  6. Play_Dough says:

    She needs to sing “Last Kiss” with that strong voice!

  7. vinselvin says:

    i feel bad for those people who booed her for not being able to sing it as
    it was recorded. please understand that we people get old, we get weary and
    we lose our power. no one on earth can ever maintain such a great voice.
    even our faces get wrinkles no matter how hard we try concealing it. i love
    her, she has been moving me with her songs, even if she can no longer
    perform as before. she already established herself. she proved herself
    already. we watched her before.

  8. khairil azami says:

    not very professional when the parts she lipsync.

  9. Grant Morgan says:

    yeah audience wasnt exciting . Thats one thing of this business if the
    audience dodsnt love you

  10. Liad1881 says:

    OK. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Mariah fan, but this is getting really
    embarrassing. Why the hell, if she knows she can’t reach those high notes
    anymore, can’t she record new renditions to all of her old loved songs,
    such as this one??? Instead, she’s lip=synching, and does that so badly.
    it’s making me sick. She’s getting more pathetic than ever. Mariah. Mariah,
    you’re such a disappointment. I can’t believe how lazy you got. Shame on
    you for embarrassing yourself and your fans like that.

  11. javier bello says:

    that’s NOT pre-recorded, that’s the cd audio FYI haha Nobody denies it,
    it’s is just that it gets sooo damn tired that people bring it up on EVERY
    single song Mariah sings. We GOT it, ur smart asses go celebrate ur
    brilliance and let us still show LOVE and APPRECIATION to Mariah.

  12. 383trina says:

    Mariah’s theme! I love it! 🙂

  13. Rodrigo Nascimento says:

    almost everyday,wouldn’t it tire your voice at all?! Every professionl
    singer at any point on their career has to lyp Sync TO PRESERVE their
    voices of course and the audience has to understand it! IT’S NOT BECAUSE

  14. NekoPetrovsky says:

    Yes she was booed at 4:14, and, honestly, she deserve it, those pre
    recorded vocals sounded completely fake, this whole concert has been one of
    her worst ever.

  15. creeztangel01 says:

    Sorry mariahh,, failed….. u not singing the highest notes that was a play
    back,,, im so dissapointed

  16. MrFumseck says:

    3:19 4:08

  17. Jonnathan Molina says:

    Good effort, Mimi. I know the voice can’t ALWAYS be there, but she always
    carries herself with such grace and poise, even when not at 100%. Bless
    you! I can’t wait for the new album.

  18. Sebastian Glanzer says:

    she never sang this note live!

  19. amrulshabri says:

    4:09 – 4:17 is definitely lypped with pre-recorded. Well i still love her
    though. 🙂

  20. faizan akey says:

    during the final high note, where she start lipsync, you can hear the
    audience booo at her..

  21. Nintendog140 says:

    That was outstanding. Nice falsetto. The ending was shaky and semi-lipped
    but I still think she did it good for a song she hasn’t performed in a

  22. PapitoX says:

    I know right.

  23. Mariah Carey Austria says:

    uhm… wow. just wow :)!

  24. Matthieu Sanchez says:

    Pathetic . Worst version I’ve ever heard.
    When I was a child , the ‘Oh Lord, they do try” gave me shivers down my
    back. As well as her highest notes at the end. Now, she just has no point
    for me to hearing

  25. William Mercado says:

    Song parts are live idiots. Like that part before the highest note. It’s a
    hundred percent live. Yes she does prerecorded, at least it isn’t the whole

  26. JonJoseph Price says:

    Who was first

  27. TarantulaCandy says:

    Worldwide Madonna has more Sales, Bigger chart Impact, and according to
    billboard Madonna is the TOP solo act of ALL TIME Mariah and her payola
    discounted singles didn’t even make the top 5. Mariah always sings about
    the same old tired love songs, there’s no artistic growth. Child please if
    Madonna played it safe like mariah and discounted her singles the way
    mariah did she’d more #1s in the US. and here it proves not even all that
    can put mariah on top.

  28. WGraham says:

    she should be number one dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. BADNTJD says:

    *cough* *cough* #1 Whitney and lol #1 1/2 Mariah!!

  30. LoveTheVoiceWithin says:

    @mal7achi OMG Regina Spektor is amazing!!! listen to her, she’s a great
    artist 🙂

  31. madaboutmariah says:

    @Mdollara Its not about sales….

  32. YBZlena says:

    @TarantulaCandy mariah has sold 200 million adding single she has 215-230
    million she has 18 number ones 1 she has a artist of the decade award and
    millennium award (her and Michael Jackson has that award) she beat madonna
    for that award come on and madonna came out before with what a good 10 year
    advantage and mariah still beats her!

  33. apio9 says:

    just because rolling stone didn’t include any mariah album doesn’t mean
    that mariah hasn’t great albums,i mean rolling stone also called lady gaga
    the new queen of pop,but i don’t agree with that. both madonna and mariah
    are very talented artists,very successful artists worldwide,and living
    legends,they both deserve respect.

  34. PaNdeM0niuM says:

    “I Love Mariah! I love her.” hahaha. That’s my reaction too

  35. Silvy saint jean says:

    mariahhhh all the wayyy!!! should have been 1 and madonna 2nd

  36. bryce atu says:

    It’s funny, on VH1’s 100 greatest artists of all time, mariah was #91, so
    the majority of women beat her on the list. Now mariah is #2 and she beat
    those women on this list.

  37. Matias Figo says:

    MADONNA #1 always!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  38. Jack Eingenburg says:

    The reason why Madonna is #1 is because she is such a big influence.. She
    has sold $380 million records worldwide (which makes her the 1 best selling
    female artist of all time and 4th on the list with The beatles, elvis
    presley and michael jackson) .. she has five world tours that are on the
    top 15 list selling tickets of all time over up to $408 million tickets..
    she is the queen of pop (you all know that) . mariah does have a good voice
    but madonna has amazing voice on her Ray Of Light album .

  39. madaboutmariah says:

    @StarpeemReturns Done! 🙂

  40. TarantulaCandy says:

    MADONNA #1! Queen of Pop!

  41. Richard Lou says:

    when Everyone compare Lady gaga and mariah and WHitney every female artist
    to Madonna……it shows madonna is the single best female artist..and who
    created it? those haters…so Thk you haters.:)

  42. Silvy saint jean says:

    why the heack is MILEY CYRUS on the list that makes no damn sense!!!

  43. loveangelbaby89 says:

    What ?! Your you serious lou? Mariah Carey slams Madonna career in every
    category . Id rather pay to go see a mariah carey impersonater than see
    madonna do her silly lil antics on stage. Cartwheels, summer saw

  44. Luciana Laurel says:

    I can sing better than madonna too i will never even come close to the
    music artist madonna is

  45. StarpeemReturns says:

    hey madaboutmariah- make sure the title says “artist” not “singer” or else
    people will faint if they see madonna the #1 “singer” of all time lol x

  46. TheTvstuff says:

    NO,I most certainly do NOT agree with this joke list! If this was all about
    voice, than Madonna – as much as I love her – shouldn’t have been anywhere
    near the top 10, Mariah should have been #1 and in fact she should share
    that place with Whitney Houston. Beyonce has a LOT more to prove before
    anyone places her anywhere close to the top 5. And where the hell are Tina
    Turner, Cher or Diana Ross in all this? Damn, vh1 is getting close to the
    gutter day by day just like MTV did….

  47. OKzs says:

    @theoneandonly2503 DONT APOLOGIZE LOL – You’re only speaking the truth, it
    is what it is

  48. Squizree says:

    To me music is about a VOICE and LYRICS. Mariah has both and Madonna has

  49. Mariahs Sidekick says:

    I think the first two spots Madonna and Mariah are right (personally I
    think Mariah is above Madonna but the general public who voted don’t
    actually know her true legacy while Madonna’s is obvious). Beyoncé making
    the top 10 let alone number 3 is a joke, Maybe for the last decade but of
    all time NO, Whitney, Janet, Aretha, Tina?

  50. ajbb blanco says:

    Wtf is this? Really? Really? Who in the hell would put Madonna as #1 when
    she can’t even sing, she’s not even in the top of the best singers of all
    times. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, & Christina Aguilera are
    the 4 best female singers of all the decades, Vh1 really needs to do their
    homework and remake that list again because Mariah beats Madonna by a lot.
    Madonna would NEVER be able to do what Mariah & the other singers could do.
    They should fired who ever made that list seriously! #smfh