Q&A: Where can I find residential property for sale on the internet without going thru a real estate company?

Question by babs: Where can I find residential property for sale on the internet without going thru a real estate company?
I have been looking on the internet for residential property in the state of illinois, however, all I can find are real estate companies who want all this information before I can even view a home. Is there anywhere on the net that offers independent listings? Help as I am going bananas.

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Answer by Realty Shark
There are a lot of aggravating real estate web sites out there. You could go the www.forsalebyowner.com route, but then you will end up dealing with an owner who may or may not know anything about real estate law and you will have no one looking out for your best interests. Some of these people are okay, though. Those sites may ask info. as well.

The best route is www.realtor.com. It is a site where you can cruise around, I think, without giving information. Every home listed by realtors in the multiple listing service will be there. The addresses are usually included, too. It is up to date and no one is filtering through to make sure you see only what they want you to see.

Keep in mind that with any site that makes you sign up, you can request “no contact”. If they violate this, they could get into trouble, especially if they call you and you are on a “do not call” list. The most you should get is a quick email asking you to contact them when you are ready to make a purchase.

Call your local Board of Realtors and ask them for the web site of the local mls. I know ours allows people to look at all listings without siging up for anything. You may find a realtor on one of the 2 sites who you want to contact. That realtor can keep an eye out for you without becoming intrusive. Cut them loose if they become so. None of us know instinctively how much or how little contact you want unless you let us know. I always ask. My problem is that I am so reluctant to become pushy, someone else sometimes pushes in behind me and grabs my clients!

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