Thanksgiving Quiz Game Book (Holiday Quiz Books: Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages)

Thanksgiving Quiz Game Book (Holiday Quiz Books: Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages)

Thanksgiving Quiz Game Book (Holiday Quiz Books:  Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages)

Read What The “Gobble Is All About”

Pam Shelton

I really appreciated the fact that the quiz was not long and drawn out and we were able to play and rate ourselves on the Gobbler Scale.The game is easy to play because it is interactive and you don’t have to waste time flipping for answers.

Our family really found the summary that went along with the quiz informative. It gave us a short broad perspective of the holiday. The family activities and suggestions were so helpful. We chose one to do and it really made a difference.

We had a ton of fun, lots of laughs, and the Gobbler Scale was a big hit with all of us.

Vera Roth

This was the perfect trivia game for all our family to play after Thanksgiving dinner. The questions were geared for everyone and ranged from really easy to some surprising “stumpers” that had us all guessing.

I really recommend you buy this trivia challenge as a great family activity when things get slow right before dessert.

Larry Gaines

I used this great trivia game in my social studies class for American History. It really got the students involved in the origins, roots, and traditions that make up Thanksgiving Day.Best of all, the summary at the end put it all together quite nicely. I encouraged my students to consider asking their families to participate in one of the community activities.

Giving thanks is not only by word but actions.Overall, whether you are a group leader, teacher, parent, or student, this is a wonderful way to learn about this day of thanks. I highly suggest you pick this one up. It’s well worth the value.

Think you know all the facts, mysteries, and historical events that surround the Thanksgiving season?

The Thanksgiving Quiz Game Book: The Great Gobbler Game Challenge is a great fun and educational trivia game that delves into the traditions, origins, meanings, and practices of this national celebration.This quizette is action packed.

The interactive ebook will not only keep your family and friends boredom free but will inform them about this ancient harvest holiday. All participants will be challenged to discover the real meanings and customs we just take for granted.

The quiz challenges you to solve the mysteries that surround those familiar turkeys, pilgrims, foods, parades, and family gatherings and lead the pack in most questions answered correctly.

This is a perfect activity for young and the young at heart. Play it right after dinner, before the big game, or as a family bonding activity. In this interactive edition, this Ebook quickly has the solutions for each question, so you do not have to wait to the very end of game to mark down your correct answers.

Looking for a challenge? Your wait is over.

Included In The Thanksgiving Game Quiz Book:

– Fun Facts and Traditions about Our Thanksgiving Holiday

– Score Card to Mark Your Place on the Great Gobbler Scale

– Summary of the Holiday: Facts-Traditions – Superstitions-Fiction- Celebrations

– Great Family and Community Ideas to Celebrate And Say “Thanks”

That Make a Difference

How do rate? You will find out!

Pick up and buy this little fun book today….


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