Q&A: Where can I buy small coffee filters?

Question by No durr RETARD!!: Where can I buy small coffee filters?
I have a coffee maker with normal sized filters so I was getting used to that but now I’m 13 soon to be 14 in 3 months and my parents trust me with a small coffee maker in my room so we bought a small one usually used for hotels and stuff like that. But the place where you put the filter is so small. I live in Soo Ontario so there’s grocery stores like Walmart, Food basics, No frills, Metro, Pinos, etc. They said I can bring it in my room as soon as I buy some and I get payed next week for papers and i’ll get them around there. But where can I get some small coffee filters? Any ideas?

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Answer by John
Contact the brand of coffee maker. That’s the best way to find filters.

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