Does government spend or create wealth?

Question by Colton: Does government spend or create wealth?
What’s with the controversy around business vs. government? I see these comments about how government is so much better than business. I just don’t understand the point. Can someone help me.
Removing the profit out of healthcare? Do you realize that if you removed all the profit from all the insurance companies it would only pay for 2 days of healthcare in the US? There will be many times more waste and government inefficiencies than profit that exists. These are razor thin margins over a large number of people. No way will the government be less expensive b/c there is no profit. It will ration, ration, ration.

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Answer by Sean
They depend on handouts to survive, you earn it and give it to them. Government, all its employees, and supporters are welfare recipients.

Government is designed to uphold national interest, defense basically, nothing more. So that we may live our life free of government oppression, whether it’s our government or any other government. Government is suppose be our assurance of freedom, but also viewed with distrust itself.

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