Are Halloween decorations offensive?

Question by flyfisherman_46: Are Halloween decorations offensive?
I have Always decorated for halloween,thanksgiving an Christmas, well I moved to a new town over the summer and this area is Ultra religious and ultra conservative. I put up my standard decorations, skeletons tombstones inflatables etc nothing gory or overly scary. In the last week I have had 4 different groups from area churches outside my house yelling that I worship the devil and all types of stuff. I tried to explain that they are just decorations and that I will also be doing thanksgiving and Christmas’s but they are still bothering me I have called the cops but they said as long as they stay on the street and don’t come on my property there isn’t anything I can do, I’m afraid to leave my house because they could tear my stuff up. Has anyone else had this problem or seen anyone else have it?

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Answer by My Answers Are Inappropriate
I think that the best move to make would be to put a pentagram over your door.

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