Meaning of material wealth, individual liberty and…..?

Question by Hyuna: Meaning of material wealth, individual liberty and…..?
after watching ep 1 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S our teacher wants us to fill out this table but i don’t know what to put
what does the top 3 columns mean? material wealth etc.

can someone fill in 1 row as a example? i just want to know how to fill it out

Best answer:

Answer by SDD
Material wealth is things that you own such as cars, jewelry, furniture.
Individual liberty is also known as freedom
Personal relationships/security are family and personal relationships.

If you couldn’t figure those things out, I think you might as well give up on the rest of your schooling.

Filling in the grid would presume you were familiar with American TV series — which appears to be something Americans can do much more proficiently than economics.

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