Most memorable Thanksgiving meal and/or gathering? ?

Question by Micheala02 #1 Fan WDPLM-2: Most memorable Thanksgiving meal and/or gathering? ?
Mine was when I decided to go fish and vegan, we went out for dinner, I ordered fish, the restaurant served it half frozen (was supposed to be fresh lol) and then when I called attention to the half frozen serving of fish the hostess actually rudely blamed me for “ordering fish”. She was really rude too!

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Answer by elmer_fuddstien
I got you beat. At the dinner table, my grandparents asked about my sister’s boyfriend (who they hadn’t met, yet). Now, knowing that my grandfather was a racist, I mentioned that “Her boyfriend’s dad is a black…..belt in karate”. Now, keep in mind that I paused at “black” to panic everyone at the dinner table for a few seconds. Once I said “…belt in karate” I knew I was in the clear, and it was a very VERY funny inside joke.

WELL……guess what? My Mother nervously said at the dinner table “and he is ALSO BLACK.” Well, all hell broke loose as my grandfather proclaimed my sister out of the family and that he didn’t like her boyfriend already and that you don’t see black birds and white birds getting together and all that nasty racist crap, right at the dinner table. No one spoke after that, and it was a good old fashioned uncomfortable dinner.

And that was the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. You should have seen the fun when she brought her boyfriend over FOR Thanksgiving the next day.

My sick family put the “FUN” in dysFUNctional.

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