Diablos ECA Fire Caps – 100 Capsules

Diablos ECA Fire Caps – 100 Capsules

Diablos ECA Fire Caps - 100 Capsules

  • Regulates insulin aiming the body towards using stored body fat.
  • Increases lioplysis (fat breakdown) through enhanced dopamine concentration and thyroid output.
  • Enhances the fat loss signal molecule by preventing the messenger molecule cAMP from being broken down.
  • Changes levels of neurotransmitters which creates an anorectic effect (appetite suppressing).
  • Prevents the alpha adrenergic receptors from the stopping the fat loss process.

The brilliant minds of the R & D team at Innovative Bio-Laboratories have raised the bar and “unleashed” the ultimate breakthrough in fat loss and energy. The newly scientifically engineered Diablos ECA Fire Caps does what diet and exercise alone cannot do. Diablos ECA Fire Caps is designed to incinerate fat by boosting your metabolism, heighten energy levels, improve mental focus and alertness, assist in appetite control and provide antioxidants for cell rejuvenation.

List Price: $ 20.95

Price: $ 20.95

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