COMICS: Indulge With 'Monsters! & Other Stories'

COMICS: Indulge With 'Monsters! & Other Stories'
I'd get gifts from my grandfather who was a fellow fan of, as he'd say, “the funnies.” I was exposed to even more masters of the medium when he bought me stories of “The Little King” and “Little Nemo” as birthday or Christmas gifts. Recalling those …
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Confucius School: Promoting tradition and better cultural understanding
To show his appreciation, Zhiyu has gifts for his father and grandfather this winter vacation. “This is the gift from my grandson. Whether it is valuable or not, I like it very much. It embodies the love of my grandson for me.” Chen's grandpa said. In …
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How the tide has turned
When they travelled back home, they would bring along plenty of gifts from Malaya for their near-starving Chinese family members. Well, the world has changed. China is now the world's biggest factory. The country is producing everything you can imagine …
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