Is this site true about Thanksgiving turkeys?

Question by rhrawfuhhll.: Is this site true about Thanksgiving turkeys?

Im cooking my first Thanksgiving meal and im kind of confused.

i read everything and it sounds weird….. like:
-Do not stuff turkeys, bake it separately.
-Do not use turkeys over 20 pounds.
– Do not put butter on the skin,
only between the skin and meat.
-Do not slow cook turkeys.

Is that site true?

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph, II
Yup. -Sounds about Right to Me! Oh, you CAN be flexible about SOME things (I always stuff my Turkeys & it comes out- fine)… But if you’re really a “Newbie” at this sort of thing, follow that Advice- & you’ll be fine… Turkeys are NOT particularly hard to cook… -Just follow the Instructions on the Wrapper they come in, & you should be fine… -Happy Thanksgiving !!! 🙂

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