Gift Baskets?

Question by Jenna: Gift Baskets?
for christmas presents i decided i would create abunch of giftbaskets as presents, and was just looking for any ideas of what to put it them?

i need one for my mom, dad, older sister, little brother, grandparents, and friends any ideas at all would be aton of help, thanks!
My dad- is into the enviroment/global warming, loves the cavs,buffs (go cu!), and the indians, also enjoys sailing

my mom- into fashion,music, movies

brother- into video games (has nintendo ds) pokemon, and absolutley loves dogs and majority of animals

sister- mabey ideas good for college (she shares a dorm with three other girls), loves smoothies, loves fashion, snowoarder, loves music, double major in anthropology & photography

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Answer by Draba123
gift baskets are always fun. 🙂 DVD’s always go over well. Or homemade cookies, chocolates, hot chocolate, coffee, candles, crossword books, CDs, scarves, gloves, throw blankets, wine, bar accesories (bottle openers, chillers, corks, etc), video games for the younger ones, gift cards (maybe ITunes for you siblings?), unusual or imported jars of jelly, candies, etc, Umm…. I could probably think of a lot more but it’s hard without knowing somethings that your family likes. 🙂

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