Lastest Facts About The First Thanksgiving News

Murder Trial Reminiscent Of Zimmerman Case To Begin In Florida
Now a new case of 47 year old Michael Dunn who is charged with first degree murder in the shooting of 17 year old Jordan Davis has revived attention on the law. Dunn – who is white – says he was in fear for his life when he shot Davis, who was an …
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Super Bowl Sunday Brings America to Standstill
Originating from the sport of rugby football, the first game of American football was said to have been played on Nov 6, 1869, between two college teams, Rutgers and Princeton. Obama celebrated the … Super Bowl Sunday is also the 2nd largest day for …

Forty-eight things to know about Super Bowl XLVIII
Up With People performed at four Super Bowls, which is a record. 22: Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving. 21: This is the third time in Super Bowl history that the two teams facing …

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