Q&A: How to we get a rent to own home?

Question by Nicholas-Ashley: How to we get a rent to own home?
Could a realtor help us?
My husband and I currently live in income based apartments, and we are wanting to find a house to decorate and have pets. We’ve tried the local newspaper, but haven’t had any luck. 🙁

Any info on getting a rent to own home would be great! 🙂
My husband is making too much and the price of rent we are paying has increased too much.
We moved in here because it was the first place we could affor, but now we can afford a house, we just don’t know how to go about getting one.
Rent to own just sounds more simple to us.
We’ve saved up some money as well.
I’m not sure how mortgages work and I’ve seen some rent-to-own homes in newspapers a few weeks ago, but I’m not having any luck this week finding any.

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Answer by buck
Newspaper, Internet maybe?

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