Cool Thanksgiving Food Crafts images

A few nice thanksgiving food crafts images I found:

Michigan Avenue turkey
thanksgiving food crafts
Image by yooperann
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Flickr friends!

Chicagoist "Extra, Extra" Thanksgiving Eve, 2011.
Thanks so much, Samantha!

All my Chicagoist photos.

Handmade Thanksgiving menus
thanksgiving food crafts
Image by frangrit
Thanksgiving Dinner
November 23, 2006

Cocktails and wine
Pear anise cider with hibiscus

Spicy maple walnuts
Bacon-wrapped chestnut-stuffed dates
Apricot «Türkiye»
Country bread

Orange fennel salad

Roast turkey
Cornbread, gorgonzola & mushroom dressing
Earl Grey cranberry sauce
Creamed pearl onions
Smoked paprika mashed potatoes
Roasted root vegetables
Roasted brussels sprouts

Sweet potato cheesecake with maple cream
Apple crisp
Guinness gingerbread bites with ginger ice cream

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