Q&A: Odd coloured eyes and health..?

Question by Claire: Odd coloured eyes and health..?
I have central heterochromia, where the outside part of the iris of my eye is blue, with a green/brown ring around the pupil of my eye. My son has sectoral heterchromia, where one eye is blue, and the other is blue with a segment of brown in it, like it is showing 5 o’clock on a clock face. Anyone else have sectoral or central heterochromia? Do you have health problems like deafness, leukemia, eyes that wander, or any other problems normally associated with odd coloured eyes? I had a wandering eye that was surgically corrected, but so far my son has no health problems. Anyone have heterochromia and be just fine?

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Answer by Ron M
Dissimilar iris color is not common (I only saw two or three in all my years in practice).

However the natural color of eyes has nothing to do with the function of eyes and therefore not an indication of a disease.

Nevertheless the presence of of a yellow ring appearing in later years for example may be a sign of liver failure so there is a slight correlation between color and health.

I’m sure you have researched your family’s interesting condition so you know that it is only the presence of melanin which produces the various pigment colors.

Thank you for sharing the details.

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