Living in Las Vegas questions?

Question by Kintaro: Living in Las Vegas questions?

I’m planning on moving to Las Vegas in possibly July or August to teach.

The pay would amount to 33,000-35,000 to start, with a raise every year, and more of a raise with taking extra college credits or earning a Masters Degree.

How much is rent usually in Vegas, for a quiet one or two bedroom apartment? I really don’t want to go back to living in an apartment, but I’m going to have to if I move for a few years.

Any recommendations on rentals? Also, I’d like to hear from any teachers who work for the Clark County School District.

I hope I like it…I used to live near Washington D.C. and HATED it with a passion.


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Answer by ~Neo~
Hi there!! Rent in Las Vegas is constantly on the rise. As with most cities where you live plays a big part in cost. For a decent area you will pay anywhere from $ 800-$ 1,300 per month for a one or two bedroom. I know that gap is huge but its the reality of things. Its all about location, location, location. That along with how new the potential property is.

Here are the best parts of town to live in:
The Lakes
Henderson/Green Valley
Southern Hills
Boulder City *even though its so far from everything*
West Vegas

Whatever you do, do NOT live in North Las Vegas. Very bad crime rates.

To rent an apartment you can try Craigslist (also the best place to rent a home),,,

A good property management company is Ovation. Their website is:
This company is very fair, reasonably priced, and will work with you as far as credit and down payment are concerned.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to email me personally.


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