A few nice thanksgiving deals images I found:

thanksgiving deals
Image by simon.hucko
this is actually from our mini-Thanksgiving the weekend before the real deal, something my wife and I have been doing since college because we wanted to cook our own meal. our 50-year-old stove handled it like a champ

The Real Deal
thanksgiving deals
Image by merfam
Thanksgiving Day 2006 at the Bowers house, Apex, NC (11-23-06)

thanksgiving (early christmas) Pictures 11-24-08 012
thanksgiving deals
Image by tlr3automaton
tess bought me a new camera!

a combination of wanting me to know how to use it before the baby comes and general difficulty keeping a secret led her to give it to me early.

haven’t had much time to use it yet, but in this picture i demonstrated to myself that i could get it to manipulate depth of field ok. other lessons: image stability is a freaking big deal. i would have guessed that it was a fake feature. it’s not. i think i could take clear pictures while riding my bike, given enough light.

the face detection is pretty serious, too. it locked onto the pilgrim in this picture.

thanks, tess!

(also, thanks to mike c., who i gather helped out on tech advice on this one!)

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