Happy Giant Inflatable Yard Decoration day!?

Question by Endora, Milk and cookies anyone?: Happy Giant Inflatable Yard Decoration day!?
Is the reason for the season to “Collect the whole set”?–Tree, santa, frosty, snowglobe……..they came out with an animated inflatable ice skating rink this year–the wal-mart god saw it and knew it was good………

Best answer:

Answer by Satan Lord of Flames
Ding Dong

*runs away*


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14 Responses to Happy Giant Inflatable Yard Decoration day!?

  1. bad tim, yeti's bf says:

    i saw one that was a sentry shack that you put around your door, with two nutcracker sentries. i wanted it…

    but i spurn the walmart god, therefore i shall spend the remainder of the capitalist holy season in the hell of unfulfilled desire. alas!

  2. Renata says:

    More giant inflatables: Christmas Nascar, Pop-up penguin igloo, Grinch and Max chimney –
    Oh, if only I had a bigger yard!

  3. Barney says:

    Happy ‘snowball in your face season’ lady! Come outside and play.

  4. YY4Me says:

    Very cute. Thanks for the chuckle. :o)

    Do you have a link for the animated ice skating rink? It would be fun to see that.

    Speaking of snow globes, check this out (make sure your speakers are on):

    After you’ve had fun with it for a while, let it sit a bit to see all of the characters. I think my favorite is the sleepwalker, although it’s a close call because they’re all so cute.

  5. GodShew says:

    lol… rotflol

    Hebrew armageddon a “them” gathering: Rev16:16.
    God providing some better thing for “us”: Heb 11:40.

    let “them” have “their end”: 2Cor11:15 …1Thess5:3
    let “us” go on unto perfection: 1Thess5:9 … Heb 6:1…

    The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN.

  6. Master ß says:

    Shore, thatss what’ Im talkin’ about.

  7. PIn says:

    You sound like you’ve been in the neighborhood near where I used to live.

    Every inflatable christmasy/holiday thing that has been on the market between these three yards – and they don’t limit it to Christmas – they started at Halloween, have blow up turkeys and pilgrims and all that for thanksgiving, and then Christms threw up in the yards.

    All hail Christmas Barf!

    (Personally, the one I really wanted myself was the blow up horse drawn hearse with coffin inside, skeleton driver, and motion as well – saw it at Walmart, but by the time I could afford it, they were all sold out. Think neighbors might get offended it I left that up from halloween through christmas? LOL!)

  8. Elmer Gantry says:

    Did you blow up Jesus?
    LOL! great question.

  9. Kychick says:

    Hello Endora,

    Happy Giant Inflatable Yard Decoration day to you also. We are having a “cleansing day” today in Kentucky for all the wonderful yard blow up decor. Wind gusts about 50 miles an hour. Bet the sky looks like a Christmas balloon festival.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  10. amanda c says:

    my neighbor has a musical one. i am tempted to go over with a hat pin. i’ll be nice cause it is christmas, but they better not try this crap on halloween, or watch out.

  11. CorruptedSpirit says:

    I’m still waiting for the giant inflatable Flying Spaghetti Monster…….

  12. Vicarious Cynic ((Hug Brigand)) says:

    It came upon a midnight clear, that Master card of old,
    with zero interest for a year, to purchase lots of crap.

    Damn – it doesn’t rhyme.

  13. phule_poet says:

    Wal-mart is cool…the plan was to gather all the idiots up in one place and bomb the crap out of them. Think of all the money saved rather than hunting them down one by one.

  14. emilyONION says:

    do you mean…
    happy “light up reindeer” day?