Should stores open on Thanksgiving Day, they say to fulfill customer needs?

Question by A: Should stores open on Thanksgiving Day, they say to fulfill customer needs?
I’m not so sure that’s true. I think maybe they are creating a phony need, not reacting to one that already exists.

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Answer by Jamie
The first Thanksgiving I was on my own, I had everything I needed to make a great dinner – had the turkey, all the trimmings, seasonings, condiments, anything you could think of…

I started cooking a little late (inexperience) and grabbed a box of butter sticks out of the fridge – and was horrified to discover it was empty. I needed butter for nearly every recipe!!

I frantically searched the fridge and found nothing to substitute. I must have gone through the entire town 20 times and NOTHING was open. And then I saw a Walgreen’s with a big sign: Open Thanksgiving Day!!

I was crying I was so grateful.

I got my butter and went home and we had a lovely Thanksgiving (although the meal was a bit later than we would have liked.)

There are also people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and people who, due to family/relationship issues would rather forget the holiday, who have the same needs as any other day.

There are people who need their medications, and pharmacies should be open.

All the police officers and medical personell and firefighters and airline pilots in the country – people who have to be working (or on-call) EVERY day, they still need gas. And lunch. And *stuff*.

So yes, there is a need.

Do we need so many stores open? Probably not. But who is to say that “Grocery A” should be open and “Grocery B” should close? Is that fair to employees of Grocery A? Owners of Grocery B?

No, it’s not.

The simple fact is, when you apply for a job, you’re able to say “yes” or “no” to availability on Holidays. If you choose yes, you may be asked to work. And yes, it’s a little sad, but there’s no LAW guaranteeing a day off for celebration. It’s not a *need*.

My baby’s formula is.


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