Real Men Stay Fit: 101+ Simple Tips

Real Men Stay Fit: 101+ Simple Tips

Real Men Stay Fit: 101+ Simple Tips

Weight loss is only effective if the results are permanent. The suggestions featured in this book can guide men to live longer, healthier and more comfortably with their self-image by staying at an optimum weight without being hungry or unfulfilled.

The book is not meant to be read at one time but rather browsed at moments of otherwise lost time, such as standing in line or in waiting rooms. If even one tip works for you, it will be worth the price of the book. All proceeds from the book will be donated to The Hunger Project, an organization that fights world hunger. It seemed appropriate that a book for those who have more than enough to eat might help those who do not have enough.

The most important thing about behavior modification, whether dietary or not, is being able to maintain that behavior through motivation. The suggestions are all part of a larger game to keep the fitness and maintain optimal weight without hunger or over zealous exercise.


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