Does anyone have a spiritual prep list for Thanksgiving?

Question by Marvelous: Does anyone have a spiritual prep list for Thanksgiving?
Things that you feel help you to enter into the Thanksgiving spirit, things you do to maximize your Thanksgiving experience.

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Answer by advicegiver101
Personally for me, listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies gets me pumped for thanksgiving because I know thanksgiving is right before chirstmas. I decorate my house with an an assortment of decorations such as pilgrim & turkey figurines, or anything that has to do with thanksgiving. One movie thats not a christmas movie but that gets me in the spirit for thanksgiving is a charlie brown thanksgiving. I think its the sweetest thing. Sometimes I watch old episodes of thanksgiving day parades, they usually have it on my local news channesl (2,5,7, & 9), and it makes me want to see the one they have for this year so much more. Making plans to have a meal at home with friends or at someones house with family, having a nice big dinner with people you love spending time with is great. So plan that early. Also I would say test out some new recipes that you would like to maybe make if you are attending a dinner. So you know which ones are good and which ones you can toss aside.Also around the holiday season, I volunteer for certain projects or organizations. It makes me realize how thankful I am to be healthy, and have to perfectly working ears, legs, hands, arms, eyes, etc. Because I can do something for the less fortunate, and then you realize how thankful they are to have someone like you come in to their life and help them out. The last thing I probably do is go to church on a sunday, and then take a whole long afternoon to think. I go for walks, listen to soothing music, and figure out what I am thankful for in my life. Do anything that helps you clear your head, and wont bring negative energy to it. Dont play suggestive music, or be on facebook or anything. Turn off the phone, the tv, the computer, play soothing music and pray and think about what you have to be thankful for in your life. If you do it right, it should maximize your thanksgiving experience.

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